Garden Program at The Weller House

Beginning in November 2021, Root & Rise is working to establish a garden space and program at The Weller House of 808 Homeless Task Force in Ocean View. The Weller House serves as transitional living for those seeking stability and working toward independent living. 

gardening hands.jpg

In the initial stage of garden installation, residents are co-creating the garden by assisting with land clean-up, garden design, and construction. The long-term goal is to create a space for therapeutic horticulture sessions and enjoyment of the residents. Ongoing therapeutic horticulture sessions are set to begin in 2022. 


Key design features of the garden vision include:


  • hip-height raised beds, seating, and shade to increase usability/accessibility of the garden

  • trellises and pathways to create a sense of safety and peace

  • native plants to connect residents to place and to honor the ‘āina (land) 

  • edible plants, herbs, and flowers for in-session/residential use

  • sensory stimulating plants (like lavender, mint, and Hawaiian cotton ) to draw residents into the natural surrounding

  • utilization of recycled materials to minimize footprint and costs

Stay tuned for more photos as the project unfolds.