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Root & Rise

Therapeutic Horticulture


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Connecting with nature for healing & growth

Organic Home Garden

Our mission is
to cultivate social and emotional wellness through community, creativity, and interaction with nature.

Our vision is accessible, alternative, and integrative mental health support that supplements traditional treatments and services. We envision safe space and equitable opportunity for individuals, community, and ‘āina to grow and thrive in unison.

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Root & Rise offers therapeutic, nature-based programs for individuals and groups of all abilities and needs. 

Our programs:

  • improve physical health

  • reduce stress & depression

  • increase self-esteem & resiliency

  • develop social skills

Our gardens:

  • are designed and built to be  sustainable and universally accessible 

  • can be used for therapeutic sessions and programs

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Example activities & goals:

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crafting windchimes 


reduces anxiety by focusing on surroundings 

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